We're ClauseBase

We build document automation technology that works in the real world.

Our mission

Make drafting fun again

Nobody went to law school for years just to end up fighting Microsoft Word day in and day out. ClauseBase brings the drafting process back to where it matters: creative problem-solving based on legal expertise.

Contract drafting is not simple. Why choose a simple tool?

If drafting were simple, there would be no need for lawyers. We understand how complex legal documents can get. Our software is built to handle any complexity you can throw at it.

Won't someone think of the juniors?

Junior lawyers enter the profession with virtually no drafting experience, while senior lawyers are often too busy to show them the ropes. ClauseBase empowers them by putting the collective knowledge of the firm or legal department at their fingertips.

Building bridges

Have you ever experienced a disconnect between lawyers and (internal) clients? We want to enable effective collaboration between lawyers and their partners by transforming the service model.

Our story

Clausebase’s founder Maarten Truyens started his career in a Big Law IT/IP department and quickly noticed how labour-intensive the document drafting processes were. Because client files were never exactly the same, lawyers were forced to constantly reinvent the drafting wheel. He was surprised that colleagues simply accepted this situation. 


As he was developing software since a very young age, he had a gut feeling that things could be improved. The  idea further crystallized when he became an in-house lawyer. Even in a corporate context, where the drive for efficiency is clearly present, legal departments were too often repeating themselves. Software solutions were investigated but required large teams of IT-developers, were too simplistic for most legal work, or were designed by IT experts who naïvely assumed contract drafting consists of merely filling in the blanks. Could it then be any surprise that the legal industry was hardly automated? 

ClauseBase is not one of these legal tech solutions that was quickly thrown together over the course of a few months. It took Maarten and the team many iterations and several years of research and programming to find a solution to the conundrum. The software nudges its users towards automation and reuse of text blocks to increase their efficiency, quality and knowledge sharing. At the same time, it recognizes that legal document drafting can become very complex — it requires so much more than filling in some placeholders. ClauseBase achieves this delicate balance, offering legal experts the power to draft very complex documents, while still offering an intuitive interface.


What makes us smile is when clients tell us that they just feel that the software was developed by someone who takes legal drafting seriously. The best proof of our healthy obsession to serve our clients who are – one by one - striving for efficiency and excellence.

Executive team

Maarten Truyens — Founder & CEO

Maarten is an IT lawyer combining a passion for technology with more than a decade of professional experience in information technology law.


He started developing at the age of seven, and never let go of the programming itch ever since. Maarten built Clausebase from scratch in his basement, a place he leaves with great pleasure to educate students, legal professionals and other enthusiasts about the wonders of document automation.

Senne Mennes — Co-founder

Senne is a privacy lawyer who trained for several years at an international law firm. Having worked in close proximity with his clients, he thoroughly understands the needs of law firms as well as companies.

Senne’s journey into legal tech started with a childhood fascination for technology which carried on into his legal studies. His decision to co-found ClauseBase stems from having contributed to the legal sector’s time-honoured tradition of manual drafting and being determined to contribute to the new way of working.

Robbert Jacobs — Manager EMEA

Robbert Jacobs started off his career working as an attorney in a Big Law Banking & Finance department, where highly complex documents must be drafted within very demanding timeframes. He then spent a few years working as knowhow manager for the firm, focusing efforts on efficiently gathering and disseminating knowledge.


When Robbert first saw ClauseBase, he knew he had reached software nirvana. The combination of very advanced automated drafting software with the knowledge management capabilities of the clause library are a breakthrough in legal technology which convinced him to join the team.

Advisory Board

Susana Zoghbi

Susana has a PhD in Computer Science and has extensive experience in fundamental & applied research, creating deep neural network architectures for understanding visual and textual information.

She has published scientific papers on top conferences and journals in artificial intelligence and has won numerous awards, including the Google Anita Borg for her outstanding achievements in Computer Science, leadership and community involvement.  

She has worked for NASA Frontier Development Lab as an Artificial Intelligence Researcher, and for Microsoft as a Machine Learning Researcher to optimize large-scale software development. 

Our office

Legal information

ClauseBase BV, address Alfons Stesselstraat 9, 3012 Wilsele (Leuven), Belgium. VAT BE 0723.768.270

Want to get to know us better?

Caroline is dedicated to providing the skills and the support that the new generation of digital lawyers needs. She has launched the Legal Hackers movement in Belgium and gained practical experience with automation as the co-founder of the legal tech startup Sket.io.

At the KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP law, she helps to develop a strategy to improve the digital and data literacy of law students and she is also part of the Digitaal.Talent@Gent team working on digital inclusion. 

She holds a Bachelor of Laws from Maastricht University and a Magister Juris from the University of Oxford.

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