Opportunities for forward-looking students

Are you a law student with an interest for legal technology? Are you curious about what makes this one of the most promising legal fields of the future?


The array of innovative technological tools being developed around the world is transforming and improving the way legal services are being delivered.


The legal tech industry has been growing dramatically. For instance, it generated over 17 billion dollars in revenue in 2019 and is expected to generate 25 billion dollars by 2025 (source).


This means we are already experiencing an increase in the demand for skills associated with this sector, which we can expect to grow even more in the future.


If you are an ambitious law student who wants to gain experience in this sector, develop your skills, and increase your career opportunities, ClauseBase has some exciting opportunities for you:


Our internships provide selected students the opportunity to gain and develop document automation skills and become familiar with the routines of a legal tech company.

From day one, interns get their hands dirty in our software environment, where they complete our training tutorials.

During the first few weeks, interns get to experience many of our most advanced technologies to automate crafted training documents. Here is some more information about our internships:

  • At the moment our internships are fully remote. Bear in mind that work hours are defined by Belgium time zone though.

  • Applicants should have at least a basic knowledge of contracts and commercial law.

  • Our internships are usually 4 to 12 weeks long

Training and certification programmes

If you are looking for a quick introduction to document automation and how our technology works, the ClauseBase Crash Course was made for you.

We developed this training course to get students and other legal tech enthusiasts started with document automation and the main functionalities of our technology.

After a successful completion of the training, students receive a certificate and are eligible to apply for our advanced training course, the ClauseBase Deep Dive.

Here is what current and previous students have to say about their ClauseBase experience:

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