ClauseBase for law firms

As an attorney or solicitor, you are often tasked to create complex and nuanced contracts. Traditional templates are rarely sufficient for bespoke contracts and quickly become unwieldy for large documents. 

ClauseBase allows you to use the right tools for the right situation. With ClauseBase you can build intelligent clause libraries and easily create dynamic templates for more manageable contracts, while still having the power efficiently draft more advanced contracts. 

  • Draft complex contracts with detailed legal nuance in a matter of minutes. 

  • Instantly translate documents at the click of a button by uploading clauses in separate languages. 

  • Claim back hours spent on fighting with Microsoft Word. 

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  • Centrally manage all your knowledge.

  • Stop wasting time hunting for the perfect clause. In a matter of seconds, you can find a clause with the right length, language and legal features, for the right sector.

  • ClauseBase's unique approach in merging clause libraries with document assembly allows you to directly insert intelligent clauses from your clause library into documents. 

  • Make selected parts of your clause libraries available to your clients.

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  • Directly connect associates with your firm's wealth of accumulated knowledge by giving them easy access to your standardised clauses and templates. 

  • Onboard new hires more efficiently by giving them a one-stop-shop for all their contract drafting needs

  • Centrally manage your clauses and the templates that make use of them for easy maintenance.

  • Enforce stylistic uniformity among documents generated by your firm and unburden your associates with manually complying with house style policies. 

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"Lawyers spend on average 60% of their time drafting documents. Document automation is therefore an easy and obvious win."

Catherine Bamford — BamLegal

  • Collaborate with your clients in new and innovative ways by streamlining the contract creation process. 

  • Generate revenue by making intelligent clauses available to clients. 

  • Create client portals, self-service portals, clause subscription packages, web shops, and much more. With some help of a web-designer, you can even change the entire look-and-feel to reflect your own branding.

  • Grant access to client-focused version of your clause libraries.

  • Automatically apply your client's personal house style at the click of a button. 

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Draft contracts by stacking clauses on top of each other while ClauseBase does all the clean-up work. 

Centrally manage your clauses and templates from a personalised clause library for easy maintenance and updating. Boost your knowledge management!

Make your template contracts available in questionnaire format for easy contract generation. 

Documents automatically adhere to the customised styling of the firm and clauses reflect preferences on length, formality, etc.

Integrate with a wide variety of your organisation's existing software to allow for a streamlined contract management process.

Apply your own branding to the ClauseBase platform and make your service delivery fit for the 21st century. 

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At ClauseBase, we have a dedicated team of professionals ready to help you with your document automation projects. We offer support, consultancy and training to tailor to your needs.

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