Efficient contract assembly 

Clauses as building blocks

ClauseBase's unique approach merges clause libraries with document assembly. 

ClauseBase treats clauses as building blocks that can be easily stacked together, exchanged, moved around, configured and  deleted with the click of a button.

These blocks can range from small (e.g., an individual bullet), to very large (e.g., an entire chapter or annex). 

Combined with intuitive browsing facilities, advanced search capabilities and automatic grammatical changes, this allows legal experts to create customised contracts at the speed of thought. 

Clauses with intelligence

As its name suggests, ClauseBase revolves arounds clauses that are stored in a modern database.

ClauseBase injects these clauses with intelligence to turn them into interconnected building blocks that are aware of their fellow clauses, enabling all kinds of automatic interactions, such as the generation of definition lists, insertion of conditional text, and guaranteed terminological consistency. 

Intensive manual labour with your traditional text processor and sanity checking your every drafting move effectively become a thing of the past! 

Linguistics built-in

ClauseBase features a full dictionary for its deeply supported languages and knowledge of their grammatical rules are built-in (currently English, French, Dutch and German). Conjugations of verbs, pronouns and adjectives, as well as the selection of the right article, can therefore be automatically taken care of for those languages.

Time can  therefore be saved on:

  • Translation. ClauseBase allows instant translation at the click of a button. 

  •  Terminological changes. ClauseBase automatically adjusts articles in accordance with your preference (e.g.: replacing "the Company" with "Buyer").

  • Verb, noun and article conjugation.  ClauseBase is attuned to all the quirks of its supported languages (e.g.: in French, when replacing "l'employé" by "l'employée", all associated verbs and pronouns are automatically conjugated). 

in real-time

Keep track of any and all changes you make, as they are immediately reflected on the screen, within a split second. 

Want to change the name of a party? Switch the language of a contract? Switch the layout? They all take no more than a click and less than a second.

Conditional and variable text parts

When drafting contracts in Microsoft Word, you have to use quite some generalisations in order to foster reuse of your clauses. Indeed, drafting clauses too specifically is the best way to prevent copy & pasting to future contracts.

To foster reuse, ClauseBase provides many facilities to easily subject text parts to certain conditions, and to make text parts variable. 


The benefits can be enormous, in particular with highly complex contracts that boast many conditional and variable parts.