Flexible styling

Typographical styling

ClauseBase is a standalone product that frees you from the complexities of Microsoft Word.

Nevertheless, we have cherry-picked all important typographical controls from Microsoft Word so that you can still tweak your font, colours, line spacing, paragraph spacing margins, etc.

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Legal styling

Typographical control is just the beginning. Where the power of ClauseBase really shines through, is in its control over "legal styling". 

Similar to how you would change a font from Arial to Times New Roman, ClauseBase allows you to change how lists should be formatted: in a compressed way using romanettes (i), (ii), (iii), etc.? Or in bullet-style? Repeating the "and" or "or" at the end of every item, or only at the next-to-last item? Should semicolons or comma's be used to separate items?

How about changing the way defined terms are printed in your document: as-is, with an initial capital, or instead with all capitals? Bold or plain?

With ClauseBase, consistent, compliant and beautiful documents are just a click away. 

Fighting with MS Word numbering is over

Word processing Frustration Number One for legal experts worldwide, is probably numbering. Ask yourself: how many times have you "fought" with your documents to get automatic numbering correct? 


ClauseBase uses an ingenious numbering system tailored for the needs of complex legal documents. Whether a clause is inserted at the main level (e.g., with number 1. or 7.), or at some deeper level (e.g., with number 3.4.6), it will always be correct. 

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styling & content

Unlike Microsoft Word, ClauseBase strictly separates legal content and styling information. This allows you to make legal changes without affecting styling, as well as the other way around. 

The tangible advantages for modern workflows are huge:

  • Change hundreds of templates from Arial to Times.

  • Insert a company logo in every footer of every template.

  • Use the same template but with different styling for individual clients, all without ever having to touch the template in question. 


Gone are the days where law firms and corporations produced wildly different looking documents.

ClauseBase allows you to enforce your contract style policy across the board, either for the entire company, with the option to implement divergences for different teams, departments, affiliates, etc... 

Strong support for images

ClauseBase allows you to insert images throughout a document, and even allows questionnaire users to upload their own images.

Through advanced controls, you can even dynamically re-position and scale images, as illustrated in the accompanying video.