ClauseBase for
business managers

Whether you are an HR consultant, sales manager or accountant, you and your team likely waste countless hours making the same types of documents again and again.

It could be different, though. Imagine 10x efficiency boost in drafting or giving your clients or colleagues a secure tool to create one themselves. That's where ClauseBase comes in.

Save precious time
  • Stop spending time looking for the right template and making manual adjustments to content, layout and styling.

  • Generate a perfectly styled document in just a few clicks.

  • Automate complex elements such as tables (e.g. work schedule, pricing tables,...) that would cost you an important part of a day. ClauseBase can handle it all.

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Remove bottlenecks

Provide your client or colleague with a self-service platform so that they can easily create a document themselves, freeing up time for your team to focus on adding strategic value.​

Accelerate your progress with our help

At ClauseBase, we have a dedicated team of professionals ready to help you with your document automation projects. We offer support, consultancy and training to tailor to your needs.

Guarantee compliance
  • Simply define the variables in which users may act by setting up the Q&A. You decide where the document can and cannot change.

  • Updates to one clause or template will immediately be applied to all locations where that clause or template is used. 

  • No more need to worry about mavericks making their own changes to your documents by limiting exports to PDF. 

Powerful document automation is only one click away

Book a demo and see how ClauseBase can drastically improve your workflows. Join the revolution in document automation today!