ClauseBase for
in-house counsel

Legal departments are under constant pressure to draft and review documents of a high-quality level while also keeping costs and time investments to a minimum. 

ClauseBase allows you to outsource contract creation to commercial teams in a risk-free and intuitive way, while also offering you the necessary tools to draft complex contracts much more efficiently yourself. 

  • Outsource contract creation to commercial teams via an intuitive questionnaire. 

  • Free up time to focus on adding strategic value as a lawyer. 

  • Collaborate with commercial teams in new and exciting ways. 

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  • Build central clause libraries that you can use to create standard documents or customized adhoc contracts

  • Automate the use of fall-back clauses and other aspects of your contract playbook.

  • Centrally manage your templates so that no outdated version can circulate through the organisation. 

  • Use intelligent and reusable clauses to significantly reduce the time spent creating new templates and maintaining and updating existing templates.

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  • Ensure use of the most up-to-date templates at all times. 

  • Enforce use of PDF files so that no ad hoc changes are made without proper authorisation.  

  • Set out the boundaries of what shape a contract can take while maintaining a great degree of flexibility. 


"Lawyers spend on average 60% of their time drafting documents. Document automation is therefore an easy and obvious win."

Catherine Bamford — BamLegal


Draft bespoke contracts by stacking intelligent clauses on top of each other or outsource contract creation to commercial teams.

Manage your clauses centrally so that any update of a clause flows through all the templates that make use thereof. 

Standardise your clauses, automate your playbook and create intuitive questionnaires to ensure compliance with your organisation's contracts policy. 

Integrate with a wide variety of your organisation's existing software to allow for a streamlined contract management process.

Clauses can be uploaded in English, Dutch and French. Translate entire contracts at the click of a button!

ClauseBase is protected by state-of-the-art security measures and ensures protection of your knowledge.

Powerful document automation is only one click away

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