Custom policy creation with smart building blocks.

A paradigm shift in custom insurance policy drafting

Clause Library

Use advanced search functionalities and a fully configurable clause library to quickly find and deploy the right clause..

Infinite flexibility

Apply conditional logic to your clauses and their content to a virtually unlimited degree and centrally reuse these flexible building blocks.

Rule execution

Codify and automatically enforce policy and legal rules or suggest clauses to users via flexible conditional logic and drafting support tools.

Modular, concise, and efficient policy drafting

Modular instead of monolithic. Concise instead of wordy.

Insurance companies are faced with increasing pressure and scrutiny from regulators and courts alike on the clarity of their policy documents. Gone are the days of the information dump. Today’s insurance companies need to provide their clients with clear and concise terms.  

ClauseBase’s building-block approach to contract drafting allows insurance companies to provide concise, to-the-point documents with a few clicks.  

A new bar for efficiency in custom policy creation.

Custom insurance policies are notoriously time-consuming to create. Inefficient processes and administrative costs limit insurance companies’ pool of capturable value.   

ClauseBase allows you to draft nuanced, bespoke policy documents with just a few clicks. Start from a base template and plug indifferent clauses as necessary – higher efficiency; higher quality.

Better policies, faster.


Data-enhanced contract construction via intelligent building blocks augmented with any kind of metadata.

Integrations & API

ClauseBase augments existing document creation tools and easily integrates with your existing IT infra-structure via API.  

Granular access rights

Granularly define roles, access rights, and UI functionalities for users across different teams to ensure use of the right content.  

Multi-lingual drafting

UI, grammatical support, and automatic translations available in 28+ languages.


Customise clauses for different policies and ensure use of the correct version – everywhere and always.

Why modular contracting?

Increased scrutiny from regulators and courts is forcing the industry to rethink its approach to policy creation.
Depending on the nature of the work, between 30 and 40% of insurance premiums is sunk into inefficiencies and administrative costs. 
Market conditions are ever-changing. Insurance companies are presented with a choice – lead the new wave or pick up the scraps. 
Clear and concise drafting is the key to the future. 
A pool of uncaptured value remains.  
A watershed moment for industry leaders.