ClauseBase for
legal engineers

Take advantage of the most advanced contract automation software on the market to take your service delivery to a new level. Enable your clients in new ways, build expansive libraries of intelligent clauses, and automate contracts in never-before-seen ways. 

ClauseBase consciously positions itself as the most advanced and most powerful contract drafting software legal engineers can find. 

  • Automate contracts to a never-before-seen level of detail and legal nuance.

  • Create your own reusable and intelligent clauses (organised into clause libraries) to get the most out of your contract drafting knowledge. 

  • Vast amount of features aimed at optimising your contract drafting experience while also ensuring flexibility and desired levels of customisation.

New ways of delivering service
  • Point and click to create templates in questionnaire format that can be made available to clients via email, internal platform, etc. 

  • Provide subscriptions to packages of intelligent clauses from your clause library.

  • Create intelligent clause libraries to allow your clients to draft contracts much more efficiently.

  • Robust API integration with existing platforms.

  • Integrations range from e-signing to document management to machine translation and more.

  • Supplement the contract lifecycle with best-in-breed contract drafting functionalities. 

  • Possibility to host ClauseBase documents through a (fully-stylable) iframe.


Make words, sentences or even entire clauses or documents subject to the fulfillment of a certain condition to inject legal nuance into your automation. 

Repeat or loop sentences, clauses or even documents with just a few clicks (e.g.: freely determine the number of parties without impacting consistency). 

Show or hide tables, columns and rows with our highly customisable table creation functionalities. 

Preserve the look and feel of your contracts while adjusting their content, and automatically update font, indentation, spacing as well as cross-references and tables of content. 

Instantly translate even coded text with DeepL integration. Integrate with a wide variety of other platforms to streamline contract management.

For advanced use cases (e.g., scientific calculations), you can even use an embedded programming language.

Powerful document automation is only one click away

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