Tangled up in complex legal documents?

Illustration of complexity

Automated drafting

ClauseBase allows you to reduce repetitive work by automating the workflow of document creation process. 

Highly efficient

Transform intelligent templates into a questionnaire, draft securely at high volume, and automatically populate your document with the right data. 


Reduce risk and increase consistency and compliance with company or group contract policies.

Plenty of integrations

ClauseBase is an open system that can easily integrate with other software (such as, SAP SuccesFactors, Workday.com and payroll systems).

We offer different levels of integration, enabling you to customise the workflow to your needs.

For many of our “light” integrations, no effort is required from your IT department.

Welcome, automated drafting!

Traditional workflow

ClauseBase workflow

Wasting time by formatting and styling contracts

Software ensures internal consistency in terminology, grammar, styling and cross-referencing

Choosing from dozens of contract versions varying on the entity

Easily change the legal entity and signature of the contract

Sending contracts back and forward collecting confirmations and signatures

Virtually collaborate with your team members or external parties. Integration of e-signing

Calculating salary, working hours or termination periods manually

Automatic calculations

Getting lost in translations

Fully translated software interface, supporting 28 languages

Switching between several HR tools and programs

Basic and advanced integration of HR software.

Batch-create thousands of documents

Illustration of batch creation of documents

Annual bonus letters and large reorganisations require you to generate hundreds if not thousands of documents tailored to each employee’s unique situation. ClauseBase allows you to streamline this process, no matter how complex and different each individual document is.

HR professionals will be hard-pressed to spend more than 5 minutes creating even the most complex document.

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