Juggling with multi-jurisdiction, multi-lingual, complex legal documents?

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Dramatically enhance your drafting

Bespoke documents in minutes

Enjoy the unparalleled flexibility of clause-based software-assisted drafting.

Clauses automatically adapt to the contract they are inserted into like a chameleon. ClauseBase takes care of consistency and coherence.

Increase compliance

Create a single source of truth for all things contract creation. ClauseBase eliminates the problem of outdated template usage and unauthorised amendments.

Empower your commercial teams

Give your colleagues the tools to succeed by putting your knowledge at their fingertips.

  • Outsource contract creation to commercial teams via intuitive questionnaires. 

  • Standardise clause language for legal and policy compliance.

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Improve your workflow

Optimal workflow configuration

Every legal department is unique in its approach to contract creation. Do you need every document to pass by Legal before it’s signed? Do you outsource as much as possible? Perhaps a bit of both?

ClauseBase allows you to set up fully configurable workflows that take into account your unique contract creation process.

Consistent look & feel

Let’s face it – a disproportionately large aspect of your job is battling Microsoft Word: keeping numbering consistent, fixing indentation, recreating cross-references, etc. The problem is that even senior in-house lawyers often don’t have the necessary skills to perform these tasks, nor do they enjoy it.

ClauseBase enforces your house style(s) so that you can bring drafting back to the legal exercise you excel at.

Cross-border collaboration

Coordinate contract creation across different international offices, taking into account country-specific deviations, signing rights for individual offices, multi-lingual support, and much more.

Example of improved workflow through a user-friendly questionnaire