Clause libraries 

Unique clause library approach

Never worry about finding that one clause or template again — ClauseBase provides the ideal repository for archiving your contractual knowledge. 


Clauses and templates can be organised in a vast folder structure, offering you unparalleled possibilities to model your knowledge, be it by jurisdiction, legal domain, topic, internal department structure, working group, etc.

Unlike software that is limited to merely building a clause library, ClauseBase allows you to directly insert those clauses into  documents, for intelligent document assembly.

clause tree.png
legal knowledge

Clauses can be enriched with legal knowledge to allow for fast and precise searching: 

  • Clauses can be tagged with an unlimited number of customisable legal attributes — e.g., to flag that it is fairly elaborate, or unsuitable for contracts that should protect the buyer. All these attributes can be searched on.

  • Long clauses can also contain a summary, so users can immediately grasp what the clause is (not) about. 

  • You can even store case references to case law and legal doctrine specific to a certain clause, chapter or document. 

Advanced search

ClauseBase eliminates the hassle of digging through your emails or checking with your colleague to find that one particular clause with the right combination of length, protection level, language and legal domain. 

With our advanced search functionalities, you can search on a vast array of criteria stored in the database, effectively minimising the search time.


from the ground up

Our software is suffused with a reverence for grammatical rules in several languages. It was, after all, developed by a team of lawyers who frequently had to work in three different languages.

Accordingly, the multi-language capabilities of ClauseBase are not just an afterthought. Throughout the software and the database, virtually all texts can be translated towards other languages. 

Currently supported languages for deep grammatical support are English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch.