Create bespoke
legal documents

Enhance your drafting

Limitless drafting power

Drafting seems simple and repetitive at the surface, but legal documents can be surprisingly complex. Change a word in one clause and another part needs to be deleted, inserted or modified.

ClauseBase offers myriad tools to maintain consistency so you can focus on legal added value, instead of battling MS Word.

Augment clause intelligence

Enrich clauses with internal know-how, warnings, legal doctrine and case law.

Link together variations of clauses, present checklists and offer inspiration to colleagues.

Bespoke documents in minutes

Enjoy the unparalleled flexibility of clause-based drafting. Clauses automatically adapt to the contract they are inserted into, ensuring consistency across the board. 

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Foster your associates' talents

Happy team. Happy firm.

Successful law firms enable their associates to succeed by giving them the necessary tools and knowledge.

  • Avoid attrition by making sure your associates can focus on high-value work.

  • Onboard new hires more efficiently by giving them a one-stop-shop for contracting. Directly connect associates with your firm's knowledge by giving them access to your standardised clauses. 

  • Centrally manage your clauses and templates for easy maintenance. Enforce stylistic uniformity among documents generated by your firm and unburden your associates of having to manually enforce your house style. 

Improve collaboration and engagement

Use an integrated platform to work with clients to create new contracts.

They deliver the business data, you draft the contacts. No more email ping-pong or sending ugly Excel-files.

Increase your margins

Embrace commoditisation

Legal services are increasingly becoming commoditised. Clients are realising that there is a wide range of interchangeable law firms capable of solving their legal issues. If clients have freedom of choice without having to sacrifice quality, then price tends to become the main determining factor.

ClauseBase puts law firms in the position to capitalise on this evolution to capture new segments of the market and consolidate existing ones.

Find new revenue paths

Legal drafting can absorb significant amounts of time, with many unexpected delays. ClauseBase allows you to increase your margins.  

  • Comfortably grant fixed pricing projects, because documents can be drafted up to 90% faster.

  • Reduce the onboarding time for new associates, thanks to optimised templates and rich clause libraries.

  • Explore new service delivery avenues through custom portals and shared clause libraries.

Revolutionise your service delivery

Software-assisted drafting presents untold opportunities for supporting clients in new and exciting ways:

  • Build clause inventories, self-service portals, white-labelled client platforms, like never before.

  • Allow clients to create complex contracts on their tablet or phone.

  • Submit firm-branded apps to the Google play or Apple store.

  • Grant acces to client-focused versions of your clause libraries.