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Gain access to thousands of templates and clauses for drafting inspiration. 

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260.000 free sample contracts

Inside ClauseBuddy, there is a treasure trove of drafting knowledge beyond your wildest imagination.

Thousands of documents containing millions of clauses — carefully selected from the US Securities & Exchange Commission's EDGAR collection. All available at the click of a button. Search for keywords, filter on document metadata, and access relevant clauses instantly.

Best of all, this inspiration is complete free for you to use, as part of the free version of ClauseBuddy. So sign up to ClauseBuddy now!

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Standard Business Contracts

This collection of thirty interactive model contracts allows you to generate bespoke documents under Belgian law, by filling out a simple questionnaire. With the easy Q&A-interface you can draft a contract in minutes.

In addition to using the book's models to create full documents, you can also interactively browse the clauses used in the book, search using keywords, and immediately insert clauses into your Word-file.

Learn more on the dedicated website.