Time-saving features

Change defined terms

Defined terms can be changed by choosing an alternative term from a predefined list (or by creating yet another alternative). 

You no longer have to worry about capitalisation, including or removing articles, conjugations of verbs, required changes to pronouns and adjectives, or (in French) contractions and élisions. The built-in dictionary and grammatical knowledge of ClauseBase will take care of this drudgery, so you can focus on legal reasoning instead.

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Auto-generated definition lists

With each update to your document, ClauseBase will scan all clauses for defined terms, and will automatically compile an up-to-date definition list for you — sorted alphabetically.


This means that if you would change a defined term, the list will be updated, and the entries will be reordered. 


Similarly, if you would insert a clause that introduces a new defined term, or if you would remove the last clause that uses a certain defined term, the definition list will be updated automatically. 

This means that the days of missing defined terms and unnecessary "ghost definitions" are gone. 


E-signing can get quite addictive. You will never want to go back to the hassle of chasing signatories, scanning signed documents and manually archiving them.

ClauseBase integrates with leading e-signature providers, allowing you to immediately export and e-sign Q&A documents. 

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Reporting tool

Every clause, in every language, can be assigned an alternative text, which can host a shorter, non-legalese version of the legal text — in other words, a version of the clause that your (client's) CEO would like to read.

At the click of a button, you can convert all clauses into their alternative texts, effectively changing a long and detailed contract into a compact, reader-friendly version. In other words: a management report.

shrink clauses

Shorten or lengthen individual clauses or entire contracts based on target audience. 

With ClauseBase, legal experts can mark specific parts of a clause as "not so crucial". By moving a dedicated slider, you can then remove all such parts in a document, in order to reduce the size of a specific clause — or even all clauses at once. 

Batch documents

Create dozens of versions of the same contract in one fell swoop, with detailed but easy customisation options. 

This feature comes in handy when, for example, dozens of employment contracts must be written at once, but with various diverging elements — e.g., employment type, salary and various social perks. By simply listing these differences in Excel, all documents can be generated at once.

This feature will also save hours of time in drafting legal letters and preparing documents for class action suits.

table export

In non-English speaking countries, it often happens that legal documents must be translated and presented in a side-by-side comparison, to allow foreign stakeholders to understand the contents of a document. 

Even if the translation is available, creating such a side-by-side comparison easily takes an hour to prepare. 

ClauseBase is multi-lingual by heart, and allows you to create such a comparison with the click of a single button. 

machine translation

Across the platform, texts can be automatically translated to other languages with the click of a button.

We proudly make use of the language services of DeepL. 

Companies database

For most jurisdictions, the name, address, company number, entity type and company status can be looked up interactively — facilitating easy data entry. 

Google Maps addresses

ClauseBase integrates with the Google Maps addresses database (even when no legal entity is established on a certain address). This can boost quality and decrease administrative time.

Instant compare  

Keep a handy overview of all changes made to a document as you play with the intelligent functionalities of different clauses. 

At any time, you can request an overview of newly inserted, changed or removed clauses and paragraphs. 

AI-assisted importing of clauses

Upload documents directly to ClauseBase to quickly populate your clause library with intelligent clauses.