How ClauseBase is different

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Go beyond simple templates

Traditional automation technology
  • Static templates to be completed in questionnaire

  • No freedom to build tailored document

  • Get the best of both worlds: speed and control when you need it in the Q&A mode, and creativity and flexibility in the Document Assembly mode

  • Build a  new document or adapt any existing template with complete freedom. Use intelligent clauses as "building blocks". 

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Next-level knowledge management

Traditional automation technology
  • Knowledge management function purely limited to availability of templates.

  • Unwieldy template documents make managing a document needlessly difficult.

  • Browse or search your clause library.

  • Add internal comments, legal doctrine and links to external knowledge bases to each clause. ​

  • Add fine-grained user permissions.

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Styling is everything

Traditional automation technology
  • Styling tied to source document​ without possibility to change

  • No flexibility to have multiple standard styles or centrally update existing styles  

  • Enjoy complete freedom in styling.

  • Define house style on multiple levels (organisation, team or user).

  • Give users choice to apply any number of predefined styles (e.g. client style) to their document. ​

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Take back control

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Traditional automation technology
  • Installation of complex software or Word plugins and  IT support required.

  • Automation by IT professionals instead of legal or business experts.

  • Manage the complete automation process yourself: implementing clauses and documents, user management, default styles, etc. No installations, coding or IT knowledge required.

  • Want to outsource the automation to us? No problem. We have a team of experienced lawyers at your disposal who have both the legal know-how and the ClauseBase experience to get you up and running in no time.

Try it out yourself

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