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Maarten Truyens & Senne Mennes

It's early 2016 when Maarten Truyens, after a two-year career as a software developer and decade-long career as an attorney and in-house lawyer, decides to take a sabbatical. His aim is to build the ideal legal drafting software, capable of improving all aspects of the legal drafting process. After a few weeks of research, he concludes he can build the product in about 3 months' time.


Fast forward to 1 October 2018. The initial deadline is a distant memory, but ClauseBase, even then the most powerful document automation tool for legal professionals, is finally ready for launch. After working for several years at an international law firm, Senne Mennes joins the team, determined to help irrevocably transform legal drafting.


One year later to the day, Robbert Jacobs rounds out the ClauseBase core team as he joins from Loyens & Loeff — one of ClauseBase's first clients. Over the years, ClauseBase continues to delight its customers, at least doubling its revenue every year in the process. All while fully bootstrapped.


In 2022, ClauseBase chooses to delight its customers even further by launching ClauseBuddy as the next step in legal drafting. The result is a suite of legal drafting tools capable of helping legal professionals of all kind to draft better and faster.


Early 2024, ClauseBase turned its drafting platform into the most extensive drafting toolkit on the market. Template-based drafting, clause-based drafting, template search, automatic clause extraction, AI-based drafting & redrafting, reviewing & proofreading.

Core Team

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Maarten Truyens


Maarten is an IT lawyer combining a passion for technology with more than a decade of professional experience in information technology law.

He started developing at the age of seven, and never let go of the programming itch ever since. Maarten designed & developed Clausebase, and likes diving into the details of the MS Word engine.

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Senne Mennes


Senne is a privacy lawyer who trained for several years at an international law firm. Having worked in close proximity with his clients, he thoroughly understands the needs of law firms as well as companies.

Senne’s journey into legal tech started with a childhood fascination for technology which carried on into his legal studies. His decision to co-found ClauseBase stems from having contributed to the legal sector’s time-honoured tradition of manual drafting and being determined to contribute to the new way of working.

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Robbert Jacobs

Head of Automation

Robbert Jacobs started off his career working as an attorney in a Big Law Banking & Finance department, where highly complex documents must be drafted within very demanding timeframes. He then spent a few years working as knowhow manager for the firm, focusing efforts on efficiently gathering and disseminating knowledge.

When Robbert first saw ClauseBase, he knew he had reached software nirvana. The combination of very advanced automated drafting software with the knowledge management capabilities of the clause library are a breakthrough in legal technology which convinced him to join the team.

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Mark Verelst

Senior Automation Expert

Mark is a seasoned senior legal advisor with over 25 years of comprehensive experience in the financial sector, both in litigation management and contract drafting covering different areas of law. His extensive legal background provides him with an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved in drafting legal documents.

In addition to his legal expertise, Mark is a certified mindfulness trainer and an aspiring poet, bringing a unique blend of focus and creativity to the professional environment.

Having followed the development of Clause9 from its inception, Mark immediately recognized that this powerful automation tool has a transformative impact on the way lawyers draft legal documents, dramatically increasing efficiency and opening up time for lawyers to focus on what they do best: enhancing the documents’ contents and quality.

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Jonathan Temmerman

Sales Executive

Jonathan started off his sales career working in the software industry in Amsterdam. For the past few years, he has been specializing in SaaS sales and understanding the needs of SME's and large enterprises today.

From the moment he laid his eyes on ClauseBase, Jonathan was a believer. He is convinced that all companies could benefit from a tool like ClauseBase that that simplifies repetitive and manual work and is committed to contribute to a new status quo for legal drafting. 

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Carnun Marcus-Page

Senior Abstractioneer

Carnun is an aspiring physicist-turned-philosopher-turned-programmer.

Software fascinates him as a phenomenon and activity that sits exactly at the boundary between the physical world and the world of ideas, abstractions, and possible thoughts. He has a deep appreciation for automation, in turn, as when solutions to problems can be made to apply themselves without additional human effort—well, that's wealth.

Carnun delights in solving hard problems in serious environments, and as such was drawn to startups from the beginning of his programming career.

Advisory Board

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Susana Zoghbi

AI Expert

Susana has a PhD in Computer Science and has extensive experience in fundamental & applied research, creating deep neural network architectures for understanding visual and textual information.

She has published scientific papers on top conferences and journals in artificial intelligence and has won numerous awards, including the Google Anita Borg for her outstanding achievements in Computer Science, leadership and community involvement.

She has worked for NASA Frontier Development Lab as an Artificial Intelligence Researcher, and for Microsoft as a Machine Learning Researcher to optimize large-scale software development.


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Office Dog

Greek-Belgian girl, specialised in food hunting.

Her hobby is searching for left-over food packages.

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