The story behind ClauseBase

As junior lawyers, ClauseBase’s founders accepted their firm’s contract drafting wisdom. Search for a good example, remove the previous deal’s information, fill in placeholders, and copy/paste some clauses.

Yet the more they drafted, the more they realised that this workflow was highly inefficient, led to errors, and did not generate documents that were as tailored as promised to the client.

That’s when they noticed an interesting paradox. At the surface, contracts look so similar that reusing old files seems like a good approach (and creating templates an even better one). Yet during drafting, lawyers feel time and again that every contract is actually unique, because the clients and the deals always differ. So you try to make the documents more bespoke, yet you face constraints due to deadlines, the notorious legal service provider’s workload, and a lack of proper technology to assist you.

After switching to a role of inhouse legal counsel, they noticed the same pattern. And the more they talked to others, the more the drafting paradox surfaced.

ClauseBase was born to solve this paradox.

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