Negotiate Better

Find inspiration and fallback clauses in seconds, and leverage AI to find compromises.

Standard clauses and fallback management

Visualize all available fallback clauses or alternatives with a single click and share negotiation best practices across the team.

Label clauses as “standard” or “fallback” in a curated library

Filter for clauses favouring a specific party

Link clauses together for a menu of available options in any situation

AI-powered redrafting

ClauseBase’s leverages the most powerful advances in AI to provide drafting inspiration based on your instructions.

Redraft parts of your document with a short prompt

Automatically align terminology between clauses

Insert modifications as "tracked changes" in MS Word

Improve a clause's quality with AI-powered drafting suggestions

Automatic suggestions

Get AI-based clause suggestions during typing, or while selecting text in your document.

Suggestions are based on your drafting history

Insert suggestions with the click of a button

Automatically align suggested clauses with your document's content

See it in action

Millions of example clauses

Access drafting inspiration from the largest publicly available contracts database in the world. 

Thousands of documents containing millions of clauses — carefully selected from the US Securities & Exchange Commission's EDGAR collection. All available at the click of a button. Search for keywords, filter on document metadata, and access relevant clauses instantly.

Filter on document type & year

Toggle between documents and clauses with the click of a mouse