Reviewing & proofreading

Check your definitions

No more errors in your definition lists! Let AI find both missing definitions and unused defined terms in your document.

With ClauseBuddy, you can ensure consistency between capitalised terms and definition lists. The software will spot mistakes and alert you for both missing and unused definitions.

With ClauseBuddy's definitions pane, you can easily jump to a definition, wherever you are in the document.

One-click contract reviewing

ClauseBase leverages cutting-edge AI to check third-party documents against your client or organisation’s checklists.

As even AI cannot read one's mind, you can fully configure your reviewing rules to instruct the AI what to look for and what to ignore. 

Automatically annotate, highlight or replace incompliant clauses in your documents. You can also link alternative clauses to ClauseBuddy's precedent library. 

Eliminate drafting errors

Make perfect legal documents the norm; not the exception. ClauseBase spots inconsistencies and mistakes in your document before they do any damage.

In the blink of an eye, ClauseBuddy will spot difficult-to-detect cross-reference errors.

Catch placeholders, highlights and internal drafting notes before they would be sent out to clients or counterparties.

Find hard-coded paragraph numbers.