Frequently asked questions

Who is this training for?

Foreign and local aviation students in Russia who wish to get hands on experience and professional vocational training on airframe and powerplant.

Who are the instructors?

Certified and Licensed instructors on aircraft including Lycoming O/IO 540.

What will I learn?

General training and 100% practicals on: 1. Understanding how to use aircraft documents
2. ATA 100 system manual
3. Use of aircraft manufacturer publications 4. FAA and CFR directory navigation 5. Introduction to EASA part 66 Maintenance practices 6. Engine maintenance and overhaul procedures 7. Maintenance of structural elements 8. Maintenance of control elements and surfaces 9. Fasteners and locking techniques 10. Cable soldering and splicing 11. Riveting

Where will the training take place?

Training takes place at the official dealers aerodrome in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

What's the duration of the training?

1 week (4-5 days) professional full practical training.

Can the training lead to any form of certification?

It can be used towards obtaining licenced certification.

What do I get after completion?

We provide certificate of completion of practical knowledge of aircraft maintenance techniques.

What's the acceptance of the training globally?

It can be used to start a career job as technician.

What's the cost of the training?

Group of 5 students - $1,000 each

Do you offer scholarships?

We do not offer scholarships.

Where can I stay?

We have a 4 star hotel right in the aerodrome.

Which aircraft and engines are used for the training?

Piper arrow Lycoming O-360 engines and Robinson IO-360 L2C engines.

Can I study piloting?

We also offer helicopter pilot training on robinson r44, r66 and Bell.


In order to be eligible for the Program:
Applicants must be 16+ years of age
Understand written and spoken of English
Must have completed high school