Advanced Drafting

Create sophisticated legal documents that feel bespoke, yet are automatically drafted in a matter of minutes. Discover the most powerful document automation software for legal professionals. 

Stylized overview of clause-based drafting


Most knowledge systems want to be everything to everyone, storing any kind of knowledge, in any format. Jacks of all trades, but masters of none.

In Clause9, knowledge management revolves around clauses and clauses only. Centrally store a clause’s body text, title, translations, legal nuances, internal comments,... and interactively "build" documents by stacking clauses on top of each other. 

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Draft at a higher level

Communicate your brand with a modern, clean and beautiful template in seconds.

Beyond knowledge management

Previous-generation knowledge systems only store and retrieve knowledge. This works for doctrine and case law — but clauses want to be inserted in legal documents instead of gathering dust. So knowledge management becomes knowledge deployment.

Automate mundane work

Mundane contract drafting tasks — such as endless searches in old files and dull grammatical changes — are one of the main sources of attrition in legal teams. Intelligent clause libraries allow lawyers to find clauses in a matter of seconds, and focus on higher level work.

Faster onboarding

Finding a relevant clause is easy. Selecting the right clause in a heap of conspicuously similar clauses is the real challenge. Intelligent clause libraries allow you to filter clauses on legal nuances. Combined with the right internal comments, even new team members can immediately find the right clause, with the right legal nuance.

Centralized storage

Any change to a clause will automatically and immediately ripple through all templates that make use of that clause. Stop making the same update in hundreds of documents, or risking errors because some clauses were not updated.

Build clause libraries

You need an organised clause library instead. Clause9 allows you to neatly store all your clauses and enrich them with extra information, so you can always retrieve the right content. In mere seconds.

  • Legal nuances: store variations of similar clauses, and assign legal nuances to your clauses.

  • Descriptions: provide succinct descriptions to guide users in the proper use of a clause.

  • Clause linking: link optional and alternative clauses together to easily swap between them.

  • Interactions: decide how clauses should interact with each other and watch the automation magic unfold.

  • Notes & comments: attach jurisprudence, doctrine and other information to your clauses.

Stylized clauses in a document

Control your drafting

Reliably change defined terms

No more messing around with "Replace all". Reliably change terminology with one click. Clause9's built-in dictionary has advanced grammatical knowledge of 28 languages and takes care of any tedious editing.

Automatic definition list generation

Definition lists are automatically compiled, always correct and will re-sort upon any change in the legal terminology. Forgotten terms and “ghost” definitions thus become impossible.

Automatic comparisons

To facilitate internal reviews or negotiation ping-pong, legal professionals like to create both “clean” and marked-up versions of contracts. Clause9 allows you to automatically output such markup — you can even automatically convert the marked-up version to PDF, to avoid it from being used for future editing.

Instantly show changes

Stay in control of the drafting process. Clause9 allows for instant "tracked changes" generation for any interactions with clauses and templates. 

Say goodbye to "corrupt" Word files

Everyone receives those horrendous Word files — often circulating for many years — where only some paragraphs are automatically numbered, the layout jumps around, or the table of contents refuses to be generated. Each Word file created by Clause9 is built from the ground up, and will always have correct cross-references and styles.

Protect your files

Clause9 features a wealth of document protection options, like locking styling, protecting exports (to avoid sneaky changes being added to a document), or limiting export options (e.g.: only to PDF).

Create intelligent clauses

Clauses can be built to automatically adapt to the contract they are dropped into — like a chameleon that changes colour to match its environment.

  • Words, sentences or even entire paragraphs can be dropped or inserted, while correct numbering will be ensured.

  • Idiomatic expressions can be made shorter or longer, depending on the document.

  • Gender, name and grammatical cases automatically adapt.

  • Terminology is kept consistent and coherent even as new clauses enter the document. 

Control your versions

Keep track of each clause's history, and easily swap between old and new versions of a clause. For example, the old version of a certain clause may need to be used for three more months before being replaced by the newer version. 

This version control is perfect for compliance reasons, or when legislative changes do not neatly come into effect at the same time.

Stop fighting your numbering

In all likelihood, your Number One Frustration in MS Word is getting the automatic numbering right. Ask yourself: how many times have you "fought" with Word’s arcane numbering system?

Clause9 uses an ingenious numbering system tailored to the needs of complex legal documents. Whether a clause is inserted at the top level, or at some deeper level — it will always be correct.

Real-time interactions

Each question can react to its surroundings, for example by:

  • hiding when some other question has been answered in a certain way

  • presenting different possible answers when certain conditions are met

Entire decision trees can be modeled in this way, offering a very smooth user experience.

Deep grammatical support

Deep knowledge

Clause9 offers deep language support for 28 different languages, with grammatical knowledge and automatic translations. That’s far beyond the bilingual functionality offered by a few other drafting software packages, and infinitely more than the zero language support offered by most.

Deep integration

Clause9’s multilingual support is not simply bolted on because our marketing team thought it would be cool. It has been a core functionality from its design, and is very deeply embedded in every part of the software. No other commercially available software allows you to generate a multi-lingual document where article translations are automatically aligned, in any number of languages.

Supported languages

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Integrated machine translations

Across the platform, texts can be automatically translated to other languages with the click of a button. We proudly make use of the language services of DeepL.

Multi-lingual column export

In non-English speaking countries, it often happens that legal documents must be translated and presented in a side-by-side comparison, to allow foreign stakeholders to understand the contents of a document.

Other examples
  • Create a custom language version of every clause and definition.

  • Translate all the legal knowledge (case law, legal doctrine, or internal memos) you associate with each clause and document.

  • Create translations of your bespoke documents with the click of a mouse that require no human review — instead of performing almost the same manual translations for the nth time.

Dynamic styling

Uniform styling

Thanks to Clause9's separation of content and style, applying uniform styling becomes trivial.

Multiple house styles

Define multiple house styles — for different types of documents, or even for different clients. Apply them with the click of a mouse.

Consist legal styling

Clause9 is the only software package that allows you to automatically enforce a legal drafting styling — with hundreds of controls to finetune how you express lists, terms, references, definition lists, dates, etc.