Draft smarter

Improve the quality, speed, and consistency of your drafting efforts. 

Automate your templates

Start automating documents in 15 minutes with ClauseBuddy

Build self-service portals and legal products with Clause9

Implement legal reasoning to create completely customized documents

Achieve consistency in content and style

Generate first drafts in seconds

Experience legal drafting in the fast lane. ClauseBase lets lawyers produce tailored and perfectly styled first drafts in minutes.

AI-powered document composing

Precedent extraction from drafting history

Smart template automation

Plug-and-play clause assembly

Drafting knowledge at your fingertips

Say goodbye to the chaos of drafting and embrace Legal Zen. With a range of features dedicated to helping lawyers find that one, perfect clause in seconds, the days of juggling dozens of precedents is officially over.

Plug-and-play clause assembly

Clause extraction from precedent database

Clause library curation

Millions of free sample clauses

Automatically extract clauses

Put your organisation's drafting history at your fingertips!

Extract clauses from thousands of precedents

Manage access between different departments

Browse millions of sample clauses

Easily toggle between clauses and their original documents

Compose documents with GenAI

No precedent? No problem. ClauseBase's Generative AI can even assist your drafting efforts when starting from a blank page. 

Leverage the best of your clauses and AI's drafting suggestions

Automatic clause optimisation suggestions

Guaranteed consistency with house style

Supported in 27 languages

No more battling with MS Word

ClauseBase turns contracts into stacks of flexible “chameleon clauses” that automatically change their numbering and styling to fit their environment.

Centralized house styling

Automatic numbering construction

Instant clause configuration upon insertion into a document

Guide clients & business users

Are your clients & business users tired of juggling with clumsy Word-templates full of internal comments and ugly placeholders? 

Provide guidance through a clean side-panel in MS Word

Users simply click on a clause and get explanations and fallbacks

No traces left behind in the document, so no leakage of internal information

See it in action