Legal documents are complex, and simple tools simply won't cut it. ClauseBase is the most powerful document automation platform available.

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Go beyond templates

As a legal expert, you know that drafting real-world contracts requires so much more than "filling in the blanks". ClauseBase goes beyond simple template editors, offering you all the power you need to draft complex documents.

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Clause library + document composer

ClauseBase is the only tool available that combines a clause library with an interactive document composer. This unique approach allows you to build documents out of reusable, modular blocks, and centrally maintain your legal knowledge.

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Next-generation technology

ClauseBase allows you to interactively finetune the automation of complex documents. Unlike many other tools out there, you won't have to wait or take cumbersome actions to see the changes you made. ClauseBase is full interactive and real-time.

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ClauseBase uses a new paradigm and offers a wealth of features to truly innovate your document production.


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Tailored solutions

Advanced drafting tools and clause libraries built for attorneys. Flexibility, efficiency and power.

Law firms
Business managers

Take your team to the next level. Increase compliance, save time and create value.

In-house legal teams

Free up time to focus on your real value. Be the business partner your company needs. 

Legal engineers

Build intelligent clause libraries, and use the most advanced automated drafting platform out there.

Welcome, innovators!

At ClauseBase, we want to encourage innovation by giving the right tools to the innovators. With our free Enthusiast account, those curious to start building things in ClauseBase today can do so, by applying for a ClauseBase Enthusiast account.