Innovative Contract Drafting

Drafting legal documents can be a lengthy and expensive process. 

Finding the right template and compatible clauses is not always easy.

ClauseBase makes this process much more efficient, allowing legal practitioners to focus most of their time on the actual reasoning.

ClauseBase is a flexible, specialised legal word processor, facilitating drafting of contracts, terms & conditions, policies or other similar documents.

ClauseBase treats documents as stacks of intelligent clauses – easily searched on, put together, automatically cleaned. 

First drafts of documents in multiple languages and under various jurisdictions can be produced in a matter of minutes instead of hours. 

Intelligent Clauses

Clauses adapt to any contract they are inserted in, with automatic grammatical updates throughout the text and much more.

Tailored User Types

ClauseBase has several working modules that can be used by both lawyers and business users of any level of legal knowledge.


ClauseBase offers a database of intelligent clauses across various legal domains.

Export to Word/PDF

Export documents to Word or PDF format with complete preservation of the preferred style and lay-out.

Full Customisation

Documents automatically adhere to to the customised styling of the company and clauses reflect preferences on length, formality, etc.

Extensive Search

A precise search engine makes it possible to issue detailed queries, allowing for quick location of a desired clause and its retrieval from the library.

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