Contract Creation

Contract drafting software for legal experts
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A revolution in
contract drafting

As a legal expert, you want the ability to do your work more efficiently without limiting your freedom to dive into the details of a document.

ClauseBase's revolutionary approach to document assembly empowers you to do just that.  It allows you to produce first drafts of documents in a matter of minutes instead of hours, while ensuring the level of quality you pride yourself on.

Tailored solutions

General features

Clauses adapt to any contract they are inserted in, with automatic updates to grammar, terminology, and much more.

Improve your knowledge management by incorporating existing clauses into your organisation's, highly-customizable private library.

Documents automatically adhere to to the customised styling of the company and clauses reflect preferences on length, formality, etc.

ClauseBase provides training,  a help desk, and library population services for across-the-board support.

Clauses can be uploaded in English, Dutch and French. Translate entire contracts at the click of a button!

ClauseBase is protected by state-of-the-art security measures and ensures protection of your knowledge.