Limitless Legal Drafting

Create tailored legal documents in a matter of minutes.

Bespoke. At scale.

As a legal professional, you take pride in providing tailored legal documents. 

Don't let the battle with MS Word limit you from providing the same services at scale. 

Sophisticated drafting

Effortlessly deal with all the complexities the legal world can throw at you. ClauseBase offers unprecedented aid to legal professionals looking to leverage software for sophisticated drafting. 

Draft once, use everywhere

Intelligent clauses not only act as building blocks for tailored new documents, but can also be directly inserted into existing documents. Each clause can be associated with case law, legal doctrine and internal know-how, that you can even make available to your clients.

Talent optimisation

Take the leap to a fully automated work environment. Raise your team to be a new generation of lawyers. We provide solutions for repetitive contract drafting, giving your team time back to flourish as lawyers while reducing their monotonous workload.

Empower your users

Put the collective drafting knowledge of your organisation in the hands of those best served by it, be they internal or external users. 

Safeguard your knowledge

Create a robust knowledge management and deployment program and ensure your knowhow does not leave the company or goes to waste.

Deeply multi-lingual

Receive support for drafting in 28+ different languages, with deep grammatical knowledge and automatic translations. With a fully translated software interface, each user will feel right at home.

What our customers say

4.8 rating based on reviews of ClauseBase customers:

"ClauseBase =
contract drafting 2.0"

"Very flexible and adaptable
to our needs!"

"Automate documents
without limits!"