ClauseBase is an intelligent document automation platform designed to unlock your team's full potential. Draft complex documents in a matter of minutes, build clause libraries and be the innovator your customers need.

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Some of our favourite features

Intelligent clauses

Clauses automatically adapting to their context, both in content and styling.

Interactive document preview

See the results of your work immediately without having to wait until you export.

Advanced styling features

Preserve the look and feel of your documents and automatically apply house style.

Advanced conditional logic

Multi-tiered conditions to reflect the complexities of any real world situation.

Repeats and loops

Repeat or loop sentences, clauses or even documents with just a few clicks.

Flexible tables

Show or hide tables, columns and rows with our highly customisable table functionalities.

Enforce business rules

Transform company policy into automated documents or clauses to ensure compliance.

Client access to templates

Give your clients or partners access to your templates, innovating your service delivery.

Multi-lingual from the ground up

Easily switch between languages with built-in multi-language grammatical intelligence.