Case Studies

Learn how other organisations have improved their legal drafting workflow through the use of Clause9 and ClauseBuddy.

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Geerts / Denayer: Automated Public Tenders

As a regional law firm specialised in administrative and public procurement law, Geerts/Denayer was looking for a solution that could handle the legal complexity inherent in the public procurement templates. Geerts / Denayer turned to ClauseBase to not only optimise its own internal process, but also the ways in which it makes its knowledge available to its clients.

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WantedLaw: A web shop for interactive legal documents

Drafting legal documents is more than filling in a few fields. Law firm WantedLaw therefore realised very early on that it would need specialised document automation software. ClauseBase was the right partner to help Wanted Law achieve its document automation goals. The journey of Wanted Law is an outstanding example of how innovation is not the exclusive domain of the legal industry’s giants, thanks to ClauseBase's technological capabilities.

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Sirius Legal: Automated audit documents

Discover how Sirius Legal, a mid-sized boutique law firm, leveraged ClauseBase’s robust decision tree and document generation engine, not only to draft contracts, but also to automate and template repetitive legal audit documents.

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Timelex: Creating legal solutions

Discover how Timelex, a boutique IT/IP law firm built a custom legal solution on the ClauseBase automation engine to improve access to and exercise of legal rights under the GDPR.

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Acerta: Bespoke HR services at scale

Discover how Acerta, a large HR services provider, used ClauseBase to provide automated document creation services to its clients to deliver higher quality legal documents faster.

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SDWorx: Multi-jurisdiction legal documents

International payroll provider SD Worx used to manage its clause structure in Excel files and its template documents in MS Word. ClauseBase helped to centralise the management and updating of relevant clauses. This has given its lawyers room to identify and tackle new opportunities for better service delivery to its business users.