Smart Templates

Easily turn any Microsoft Word document into an interactive questionnaire, without leaving Word. Automatically turn precedents into templates with the help of AI.

Template automation

Better documents

Stop messing around with comments, placeholders, and drafting notes. ClauseBuddy's intuitive questionnaire allows you to easily draft compliant documents based on the most up-to-date version of a template. 

Template creation through questions

Effortless automation

Want to learn automation via ClauseBuddy? Highlight variable text in blue. That's it. Obviously, there are additional steps and ways to increase flexibility. But the basics can be learned in 10 minutes. 

Template automation

Automatic anonymisation

Use AI to automatically anonymise your precedents, effectively removing confidential information from old documents.

Template creation through questions

AI-assisted questionnaires

Use AI to automatically create questions for your questionnaire, based on the document you are automating.

Save time

Save time on manual entries. Easily fill out information with an interactive questionnaire.

Build once, use forever

Create one smart template and populate hundreds of documents.

Compliant documents

Make sure you always use the most updated and right version of a document.

Central template management

Create a central repository for your base templates and their automated versions. 

Enforce rules

Add conditions to any type of question or answer.

Never leave Word

Automate legal documents within your trusted work environment.

Screenshot of various question types
Pick any type of question

For any type of data a specific question can be created. Streamline the presentation of your questions by grouping questions into cards.

Adding conditions to questions
Create flexibility everywhere

Create conditional snippets of text or paragraphs and make your templates even smarter. 

Advanced automation features

ClauseBuddy offers advanced features that allow you to perform calculations and fine-grained text manipulations — e.g., automatically calculating the termination date of a contract or compound interest amount.

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Upgrade to Clause9 for even more drafting power

Need even more power and drafting control for some documents? Then enjoy the clause-based approach of Clause9, for highly tailored yet automated documents. 

Learn more about clause-based drafting