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ClauseBuddy offers a feature-complete drafting AI-driven toolbox within Word and Outlook. 

With a rich clause library, smart templates and clause inspiration tools, you can draft smarter and share knowledge.

Screenshot on how to edit a clause in ClauseBuddy
Screenshot on how to find clauses in ClauseBuddy

Clause Library

Search and find any clause or paragraph in seconds. Build a "shared brain" for your legal team, increasing quality and satisfaction.

Store different versions of a clause

Insert a clause into your document in one click

Combine with Clause Hunt for automatic library building

Enjoy automatic styling

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Artificial Intelligence

ClauseBuddy is driven by AI (GPT-4) across the board, for example in the following areas:

Automatic clause extraction

Interactively create entire documents

Ask questions about your document

Draft & redraft clauses through a short prompt

Store interesting results in your own library

Curate your knowledge, to foster reuse by tomorrow's AI

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Clause Hunt

Hunt for clauses in your team's collective drafting history. Search for clauses in existing templates and old documents, similar to how you "google" for other types of information.

Relevant clauses are visually presented

100% automatic clause extraction with Truffle Hunt

Search within templates with Scroll Hunt

Create different silos to ensure confidentiality & compliance

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Smart Templates

Easily turn any legal document into an interactive questionnaire, without leaving Word.

Highlight variable document parts in Word

Make words, sentences or paragraphs optional

Easily build interactive questionnaires

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Template creation through questions
Screenshot of a clean template in ClauseBuddy

Legal Guides & Playbooks

Gone are the days of juggling templates full of unappealing comments and fallback clauses! Provide legal guidance and fallback clauses for any legal document, right from within Microsoft Word.

Reuse clauses & guidance for different clients

Works with any Word-document

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