Clause Libraries

Search and find any clause or paragraph in seconds. Build a "shared brain" for your legal team, increasing quality and drafting satisfaction. All from within MS Word.

Screenshot on how to edit a clause in ClauseBuddy
Screenshot on how to find clauses in ClauseBuddy

Find clauses in seconds

Search text by one or more keywords. Filter down your search based on legal nuances assigned to clauses. ClauseBuddy will automatically search for grammatical variations of keywords.

The folder structure allows you to organize your clauses with ease. Enable your team to quickly find relevant content even if they don't know what to search for. 

Screenshot knowledge sharing within a legal team

Share knowledge

Store files in multiple libraries — a personal library, a department library, a cross-department library and a firm-wide library. Switch between libraries with a click.

Keep open access to folders and files to the ones who need it, but protect sensitive content with access rights.

Ensure compliance

Add relevant context to clauses, so your colleagues know exactly which clause complies with internal or statutory rules.

Increase quality

Gone are the days of writing from scratch, because you cannot find that one perfect clause you drafted last year.

Also for memos & legal briefs

We talk about "clauses", but the scope of what you can store is actually much larger. Many users store footnotes and fragments of memos and legal briefs.

Also for Microsoft Outlook

ClauseBuddy works identically from within Outlook. Find yourself frequently redrafting the same type of email? Store it in ClauseBuddy!

Screenshot on finding clauses through similar text

Find similar clauses

Select a clause from your Word file and receive a list of alternative clauses from your library. ClauseBuddy uses Artificial Intelligence to learn from all the clauses in the platform.

Screenshot: comparing clauses

Instantly Compare Clauses

Visualize legal nuance between a clause in your document and a clause in your library with one click. 

Screenshoton how to use the bulk uploading of clauses

Build a clause library with ease

Manually assign folders or let the software auto create folders based on the content of your clauses. Leverage AI-assisted importing of clauses to get your clause library set up in minutes.

Stop worrying about styling

With automatic house styling you will never have to battle MS Word to get your document to look the way you want it to. From headings to bullets, the correct MS Word style automatically applied, always.

Send to curator

Send a piece of text from a Word file to a colleague so they can add it to you shared clause library.

Refined access rights

Precisely control who can consult clauses and who can edit clauses. 


Associate internal comments with clauses, to advise colleagues on the origin or optimal use.

Legal nuances

Go beyond simple tags, by assigning legal attributes (number, amount of stars, date, true/false or tags) to clauses.

Language support

Store every aspect of each clause in multiple languages. Language support in 28+ languages.

Let your clients subscribe

Give clients access to your templates and curated clause library. Now there's a new way to share knowledge!