Acerta: Bespoke HR services at scale

Discover how Acerta, a large HR services provider, used ClauseBase to provide automated document creation services to its clients to deliver higher quality legal documents faster.  

The Company

Acerta is one of Belgium’s largest HR services providers and offers consulting, payroll processing, software, and more to assist companies in HR management. It is also a government-certified social secretariat, an organisation that is entitled to process a wide range ofHR-related administrative challenges for Belgian companies.

The Challenge

 While document production is a vital element of the services provided by social secretariats, it has mostly remained a manual process. Acerta prides itself on the tailored service it offers to its clients, but realized that significant uncertainty remains during the turnaround time needed to tailor a document to a client’s needs.

 Furthermore, a large part of the work required to produce these documents is the typical “battle” with MS Word – aligning heading styles, ensuring numbering is consistent, fixing spacing issues, etc.Hardly a fulfilling job.

Wilfried Leboy, Business Assistant at Acerta, said:

Nowhere was the challenge of providing tailored services at scale more pressing than in the creation of labour regulations documents – typically a 50+ page document setting out a complete overview of the rights and obligations of the employee towards the employer and vice versa (and a legal requirement for every Belgian company). Before ClauseBase, it could take hours to create, and the work was fairly repetitive.”

The Solution

Determined to find a more client-centric solution to the repetitive and time-consuming process of creating labour regulations documents, Acerta decided to enlist the aid of ClauseBase to automate their template documents in a way that improved the speed at which documents could be created, without sacrificing tailoring.

Previously, the client would receive a MS Word checklist which had to manually be filled out by the client to allow the LegalConsult team to draft a tailored labour regulation document which had to be supplemented with sector-specific regulations.

With the help of ClauseBase, Acerta’s client snow receive a virtual questionnaire which only shows questions that are elevant to them. The answers to these questions directly feed into the document generation module to instantly set up a document tailored to their commercial and legal position.  

The Result

A process that previously could take days or weeks due to different steps and actors that had to be involved has now been brought down to an almost same-day-delivery system. Under the old, manual process, the actual creation of a document, provided the necessary information was correctly provided by the client, could take an experienced consultant around 2 hours. Today, this takes little more than 30 minutes, and the maintenance of the template documents has been sped up to similar degrees.

Factoring in the sheer volume of tailored work rules documents that have to be created on an annual basis (+/- 1.000 per year)and the total size of the impacted team, the time savings number into the thousands of hours – and that’s just for one single type of document. The potential is there to completely transform the way legal documents are created for social secretariat clients.  

According to Florence Cordonnier, Legal ConsultManager at Acerta:

ClauseBase allows our consultants to provide the best possible service to our clients while eliminating the need for repetitive, time-consuming labour on our end. We are excited to continue exploring applications of document automation to change the face of HR consulting.”