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Meet your new assistant! Leverage the power of AI-enhanced drafting to compose legal documents, find inspiration, and build your library. 

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Hybrid Drafting

Whether you are drafting a memo, contract or legal brief: let GPT-4 draft an automatic outline for you. You can then interactively add clauses from your own clause library, mix them with clauses suggested by the AI, and have the AI suggest you interesting twists. 

This way, you can — literally — create a first draft in a minute. That's what we call hybrid drafting: combining the expertise of human legal experts with the power of AI.

Human + AI

Combine your own knowledge with the power of AI. 

Conversational Drafting

Instruct the AI to draft a document outline or rephrase your clauses.

Compliant documents

Export documents using your house style.


Let the AI give you suggestions on how to enrich your document.

Direct insertions

Easily copy generated paragraphs into your opened documents.

Never leave Word

Automate legal documents within your trusted work environment.

Redraft your documents

With a simple redrafting instruction, you can modify the existing paragraphs in your documents — while preserving layout and cross-references. 

You can choose whether or not to insert "track changes" (markup).

Always inspired

Cannot find the right clause in your own clause library?

Using cutting-edge natural language processing technology, ClauseBuddy can generate clauses with a short prompt. Or rephrase your existing clauses. Use the AI Bot as a way to avoid starting from scratch and to fine-tune suggested clauses in any language.

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Powered by GPT-4

The AI Bot relies on GPT-4 to suggest clauses, one of the most powerful large language models on the market.

Privacy-friendly GPT

We proudly use Microsof's own GPT-version, which does not reuse your data to train the AI. Read more about it at Microsoft's technical website.

Build your library

Any content suggested by the AI Bot can be immediately stored within your own cluase library.

Summaries & alternative text

In addition to drafting clauses, the AI Bot also summarizes legal content and provides alternatives for the clauses you feed it.

Your ideal LLM companion

Finetuning & training

ClauseBuddy can use large language models / generative AI such as GPT, but can also serve as a source to them. Export your legal content to a format they can use during so-called finetuning and training.

Advanced legal database

ClauseBuddy structures legal content in multiple ways, offering advanced search capabilities that prepare your legal team for the future.

Advanced composition

Combine ClauseBuddy with Clause9's advanced layout engine, to compose legal documents that automatically combine the output from LLMs with your own output.

Read our in-depth article about finetuning large language models.