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Dive into your organisation's collective drafting history! Use keywords to draw inspiration from thousands of previously created clauses to quickly find the right clause.

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Visually search your documents

Search through your history of thousands of existing files, to find that one perfect clause you drafted in the past!

You can immediately see where your keywords are located in the text, and how they cluster together.

Once you found a good clause, you can immediately insert a clause into your Word document. Or perhaps add it immediately to your own clause library, so you can find it even faster the next time?

Context is key

Clauses are shown in their original habitat, allowing you to use the context to assess the relevance of the clause. After all, the explicitly written words represent only half of the legal story — there is so much nuance that only becomes apparent when you scan the surrounding context and the overall document.

Screenshot of context within a document

Search options

Blazingly fast

Search through millions of pages in a fraction of a second. Smoothly scroll through the hotspots of each document.

Search for definitions

Search specifically for defined terms listed in definition lists.

Add new documents by email

You can upload new documents as email-attachments sent to specially crafted email addresses.

Extensive filter criteria

Filter clauses by (a combination of) title, date, file, client or category. 

Create unlimited document silos

Segment your documents into different silos — for example per legal department. Enforce access controls, so that only some users can upload or remove documents.

Store documents on your own, private server

Document archives usually contain highly sensitive information. With ClauseBuddy, you can store your documents on your own private server to ensure confidentiality and GDPR compliance. We provide installation instructions for your IT team, or alternatively set up the server for you.

Inspiration for your drafting free

We publish several free inspirational libraries with legal content, using Clause Hunt as the search engine. Check it out!