Automated documents can be like magic, but they do not simply fall out of the sky. 
But there several roads you can travel to get your documents and clauses into our platform.

What works best for you?

Do it yourself

If you have a pioneering legal professional in your team

Full outsourcing

Sit back and let the ClauseBase team do it for you

Certified experts

Fast track to automation


ClauseBase provides a broad range of support means to get you trained in the advanced use of the ClauseBase software. We provide several tools to support your software-assisted drafting journey, to discover the limitless possibilities our software offers.

Becoming an expert requires a certain time investment. We recommend assigning one or two dedicated team members who will be trained in the advanced use of the ClauseBase software.


We take on all the responsibility to populate your library.

  • Full implementation by one of our legal experts.

  • No time investment needed to learn the software.

  • Tailored and compliant contracts and documents.

  • Self-serve your documents.

Contact us for pricing and details.


It takes time to gain time. At ClauseBase we are fully aware of this paradox. Before you can benefit from the time saving possibilities ClauseBase offers, you need to create the necessary material. Giving you your time back is at the core of our business, therefore we have provided an answer to this paradox.

Implementation services are offered by certified ClauseBase experts — including solo practitioners and even law students. These “digital natives” are trained in the advanced use of the ClauseBase software. With some guidance from your side and under our supervision, they will automate any document or contract tailored to your office needs.