ClauseBase is teaming up with Contractify to provide their clients with a solution to manage the full contract lifecycle.

What are the benefits of a collaboration between ClauseBase & Contractify?

ClauseBase and Contractify have teamed up to make your document drafting workflow even more efficient. Draft your documents in ClauseBase and send them to Contractify with one click of a button. All relevant data – from contracting party to commencement date – is automatically exported. The solutions go hand-in-hand allowing legal professionals to streamline their contract creation and contract management process.

About Contractify

Steven Debrauwere and Herlinde De Buck started Contractify in 2015. In the meantime, the ambitious company has grown into a leading software supplier for contract management. The cloud software helps companies centralise, manage and sign all contracts in one secure contract library. The platform prevents unwanted automatic extensions and speeds up the signing of contracts with customisable signing and approval flows. With the help of Ada, an AI-powered contract assistant, the company also aims to improve the speed of contract digitization and analysis.