Our newest ClauseBuddy module allows you to visually search through your history of old files (DOCX, DOC or PDF) using one or more keywords. Clauses are found in milliseconds, and you are presented with a visual overview of how paragraphs containing your keywords are clustered within the document.

Unlike other solutions on the market, which split your texts into somewhat arbitrarily segmented clauses, Clause Hunt will show you the surrounding context of each clause presented. This allows you to quickly assess whether the clause is indeed right for you. 

Due to the amount of confidential information stored in historic files, the ClauseBase development team has spent a significant amount of attention to ensure all your information is confidentially stored. You even have the option of using your own private server, managed by your own hosting provider or IT-team. As ClauseBuddy will directly communicate with that server, not a single byte of your confidential documents are known to anybody outside your organisation — not even the ClauseBase team.