A world premiere in AI-empowered legal drafting

Today, ClauseBase launches a unique way for legal professionals to draft legal documents. With its new Hybrid Drafting tool, integrated in ClauseBuddy, you can ask GPT4 to create a document outline, interactively insert and adapt clauses, and mix everything with clauses from your own library. All from within MS Word.

Let’s take a look!


Through its GPT4-integration, ClauseBuddy can now request a full document outline for any type of legal document you aim to produce.

Clauses can then be inserted in this outline via the AI’s suggestions or via your own personal library.

You can engage in a conversation with the AI to fine-tune the clauses to your desire or rely on a set of predefined configurations to tailor the suggested clause:

Exported documents fully comply with your personal house style, but can also be fine-tuned on the spot.

And of course, any content created by the AI can be directly saved in your team's curated clause library. 

Want to give Hybrid Drafting a spin? Sign up for a free ClauseBuddy account here!