16 October 2023 — ClauseBase has released its new AI-based DocAnswer module, which allows users to interactively "interrogate" their Word-documents, by asking questions and having the Artificial Intelligence reply with answers. 

This new feature allows users to request advanced Artificial Intelligence to analyze their document and formulate answers to questions. For example, lawyers can ask:

  • whether a consultant benefits from liability cap in a consultancy agreement
  • what the duration and termination provisions in a contract contain
  • which reps & warranties are provided by the seller
  • whether a certain memo talks about a certain element

This feature is particularly interesting for users who are not yet familiar with a certain document, and want to quickly check specific elements that may be mentioned somewhere in the agreement. Due to the advanced semantic technology, it is not necessary for users to formulate questions using the same terminology as the target document. The Artificial Intelligence will even answer questions that use a different language than the target document.

DocAnswer is the 6th AI-based module added to ClauseBuddy, confirming ClauseBase's position at the cutting edge of legal AI technology. 

ClauseBase is also one of the few companies that is completely transparent about the technology works, by publishing in-depth details, to ensure users are aware of the limitations of the technology, thereby further emphasizing ClauseBase's thought leadership in AI.