Thanks to the latest advances in Generative AI, ClauseBuddy now allows lawyers to instantly conduct a red flag analysis of any third-party document, identifying potential issues and suggesting improvements. This feature augments ClauseBase’s existing AI drafting support which allows users to (re)draft clauses and documents with a short prompt, as well as query documents for important information. Rather than leverage plain, one-size-fits-all reviewing inherent to LLMs, ClauseBuddy stands out for its ability to let lawyers tailor their reviewing preferences.

With the addition of automated proofreading and legal sanity checking, ClauseBuddy offers an extra quality-of-life improvement for lawyers. This feature scans legal documents for typical errors like broken cross-referencing, inconsistencies between definitions and capitalised terminology, and more. ClauseBase is not the first to add this functionality, but it is the first to incorporate it into a single, comprehensive set of legal drafting tools.

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