Legal Guides


Gone are the days of juggling templates full of unappealing comments and fallback clauses! Provide legal guidance and fallback clauses for any legal document, right from within Microsoft Word.

Screenshot of Legal Guides functionality
Screenshot of a difficult template

Clean guidance documents

"Playbooks", "transaction manuals" and templates can easily become so complex that they are daunting to work with. 

ClauseBuddy's Legal Guides allow you to create clean, interactive versions of such documents for context-sensitive guidance through the drafting process. 

Screenshot of a clean template in ClauseBuddy

Creative business development

Law firms can make branded playbooks available to their clients, to interactively describe the meaning of certain clauses, as well as possible fall-backs.

Control your drafting

Implement playbooks

Apply your internal playbooks in a clean and appealing format for your end-users.

For all documents

Clauses can be recognised in any Word document — irrespective of the source.

Reuse clauses

Use the clauses stored in your clause library to offer fallbacks and alternatives to colleagues or clients.

Reuse guidance

Guidance texts and clause recognition rules can be reused across multiple guides.

Innovative Publishing

Publish in-depth legal manuals of any length in a clean manner.

Never leave Word

Guides are directly available within your trusted work environment.