Truffle Search — part of the ClauseBuddy MS Word add-in — automatically extracts clauses from hundreds or even thousands of old documents. The software quickly lines up similar clauses, so legal experts can quickly determine which clause to choose.

When documents are uploaded into Truffle Search, ClauseBuddy will automatically extract relevant text fragments and package them into individual clauses. Legal experts can then search for golden nuggets from the past — truffles — using keyword search, or instead use an intelligent AI-driven similarity search to find similar clauses.

Truffle Search is a new sub-module of ClauseBuddy's broader Clause Hunt feature. Together with Scroll Hunt (for visually searching through favourite documents) and Sample Hunt (searching through more than 260,000 sample documents), it allows legal professionals to quickly get started with creating their own clause library. 

Truffle Search is available free of charge to all existing customers, and can also be used by free users. Create an account now!